About us


Crazy Granny Designs is a Finland-based small business run by a Finnish-English family. We are known for fun and colourful designs combined with high quality. Our jewellery is designed and produced from start to finish in our little factory in Joensuu, Finland. Most of the jewellery designs are printed on sustainably sourced Finnish birch plywood (PEFC & FSC certified) and then laser cut. Some of the jewellery is made from acrylic. The metal parts are stainless steel.

Our products are shipped all over the world from our small home-based HQ. We take pride in great customer care, so if you have anything to ask or request, please don't hesitate to contact as.

If you want to wear colourful, unique jewellery that stands out in a crowd and that is ethically and sustainably produced, look no further! Dive in and get yourself a pair!

Niina & Tim