Knitting Orangutan - Knitting Needle Sizer Set

Knitting Orangutan - Knitting Needle Sizer Set

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This set includes a knitting needle sizer and three stitch markers. The sizer can be used to accurately measure the size of your knitting needles. The needle sizes are in mm (1.5 to 12 mm). Place your needle in the whole that appears to be closest to the correct size. It should just fit through the whole without any space. If it is too loose, then try a smaller size. If it does not fit through the whole, then try a bigger size. Happy knitting!  

The pattern is digitally printed on Finnish birch plywood and then laser cut.

Dimensions of knitting needle sizer
Height: 105 mm
Width: 75 mm

Dimensions of the stitch markers
Orangutan: 18*13 mm
Snail: 17*15 mm
Orange foot: 15*14 mm